Positive Outcome for Collingwood Fire & Marine 1 Unit

Collingwood Fire and Rescue mobilized its Marine 1 Rescue Unit in response to a capsized vessel on Georgian Bay this morning.

The boat, belonging to an environmental working group conducting research, capsized at approximately 08:37 a.m. near Nottawasaga Island. At the time of the incident, one individual was on board but was able to make it to the island safely, where four other members of the group were stationed. Collingwood’s Fire & Rescue dispatched Marine Unit 1 from the Cranberry Marina and were able to conduct a successful recovery. The victim was assessed by EMT’s on land and is in good condition. 

Given the current temperature and conditions of the water, mutual aid was requested in the form of a helicopter from Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Trenton in case a boat rescue was not possible. 

“I’d like to applaud Marine Unit 1 for their swift action in this rescue operation and extend my gratitude to JRCC Trenton for their assistance. We’re grateful for the positive outcome of this operation and hope that others take warning when heading out on Georgian Bay. Conditions can change in an instant, and the risk can escalate quickly.” 

Fire Chief, Dan Thurman

In light of this event, the Fire Chief is reminding boaters of the treacherous and ever-changing conditions on Georgian Bay. Boaters are advised to use an abundance of caution and avoid the water altogether during uncertain conditions. 

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