Collingwood’s Side Launch Brewing Company Unveils New Look

Side Launch Brewing Company unveiled its logo and brand identity this week that aims to tie the brand even closer to its home of Collingwood, Ontario. 

Part of the rebranding effort is to help educate more people as to where the brewery’s name comes from and what a side launch is. Unique to Collingwood because of the restrictions in the harbour, ships were built and ceremoniously launched sideways into the water. 

“We spent a lot of time listening to our employees, consumers, community and loyal fans – and overwhelmingly heard a common theme about an unwavering pride in our roots within Collingwood and Ontario. The new branding is a tribute to Collingwood’s history, our history, and a recognition of how proud we are to be part of this community.”

Side Launch Brewing President Justin McKellar
Side Launch Brewing Company is launching new branding this week. (CNW Group/Side Launch Brewing Company)

Prominently featuring a ship icon, the logo pays homage to Collingwood’s rich industrious and shipbuilding heritage.  This modern interpretation also has ties to the original branding, which has become a beloved symbol within the Collingwood and craft beer communities.

The new cans are the first step of the rebranding process which will also include a Taproom renovation in Collingwood and a series of Launch events in April & May.  Craft beer lovers can expect to see the updated clean and colourful Side Launch cans rolling onto LCBO, Grocery and Beer Store shelves in the coming weeks. 

About Side Launch Brewing Company

Founded in 2014, Side Launch was quick to make a name for itself in the craft beer industry, continuously producing quality, traditional flavours and was awarded the 2016 Canadian Brewery of the Year. The pillars that Side Launch was built connect deeply into Collingwood & Ontario; an industrious heritage, strength in community, an outdoor ethos and producing quality craft beers, still ring true today. Side Launch Brewing beers are available in over 800 retail stores and 200 bars and restaurants across Ontario. 


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