Gateway Casinos and Entertainment to Commence Phased Re-Opening

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is pleased to announce that we are preparing to re-open our Ontario operations.  We will re-open using a phased approach beginning on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

Gateway Casinos Innisfil will be re-opening as of 12:00PM.  Both slots and table games will be available for customers to enjoy along with the Getaway Restaurant.  Ticket holders at Casino Rama Resort are advised that concerts will proceed as planned.  Further information can be found at

We will be re-opening our businesses in Ontario over the coming days. Please visit the Gateway property websites or social channels for the most up to date information. We look forward to welcoming our customers and employees back.

Lastly, we appreciate the patience of our customers, employees and government partners while we work to restore our operations.  While this has been an unfortunate incident we will continue to work with our third party experts to determine the impacts to personal information, if any, and will keep you updated as we resolve this cyber incident. 

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