Town Of Collingwood Proposed New Social Media Policy

At the May 1 meeting, Committee of the Whole reviewed Staff Report CCS2023-02 Social Media Policy introducing an updated Social Media Policy.

The current iteration of the Use of Social Media Policy was adopted in 2016. Although the Policy has served the Town well over the years, with the rapid growth of online platforms and presence, it is time to revisit the Policy to ensure it aligns with the current needs of the Town and social media users who engage with the Town online. 

Policy Purpose: The Town of Collingwood is committed to communicating and engaging with residents, visitors, and stakeholders in an inclusive and respectful manner, in a variety of ways that work best for all users, including social media. By using one voice across all Corporate Social Media pages, the Town strives to provide timely and reliable information in a professional manner.

As the Town’s presence on social media continues to grow and evolve, it is important that clear standards are set for content creation, management of accounts, and online interactions. The updated policy sets out clear expectations for a respectful environment on all of our digital channels. This is to help create a safe and respectful space for both Town employees and members of our community.

Social Media sites (including direct messaging) owned/operated by the Town of Collingwood, are an extension of the workplace for Town of Collingwood employees and representatives. The Town of Collingwood is committed to providing a safe, secure, and respectful environment for our staff, residents, and visitors by:

  •     Providing a violence-free workplace
  •     Providing a friendly and safe place
  •     Ensuring the use of respectful language
  •     Behaving in a safe manner

The Town encourages residents and visitors to follow our social media channels to get quick access to Town news. We encourage commenting and interaction on our social media channels in a respectful manner. The Town has no intention of ‘turning off’ comments on its channels as some other municipalities have opted to do. 

This is also a reminder that staff are not able to monitor the Town’s social media channels 24/7 as is posted on all of our channels. The Town has many mechanisms for the public to provide feedback and ask questions. Please contact Customer Service for questions regarding town services and programs at 705-445-1030. If you have feedback, questions, or concerns regarding Council decisions, please reach out to any member of Council. All contact information is on the Council page of the website.

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