Collingwood Launches 3rd Year Of Canopy Collingwood Bees & Trees Program

The Town of Collingwood is pleased announce that the Canopy Collingwood Bees & Trees program will launch for the third time May 8th, thanks to the continued support of Julie DiLorenzo who generously committed $500,000 over five years to support the enhancement of Collingwood’s environmental assets.

The program includes residential pollinator gardens and residential backyard trees that increase pollinator and wildlife habitats. Collingwood residents will be provided a financial incentive in the form of a rebate on the purchase of up to two trees from a recognized nursery or garden centre operation, or the materials required to establish a pollinator garden on private property. 

During the Spring planting phase of the initiative, Collingwood residents who purchased a tree(s) or plant materials before July 4th, 2023, will be eligible to receive 50% of the cost (before delivery charges and taxes) in the form of a rebate from the Town. The maximum rebate per tree amount is $150 each tree (maximum 2).  The rebate for a pollinator garden is also 50% of the cost to a maximum of $150 with one rebate per property.

The program will launch again in September for Fall planting.
Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Canopy Collingwood Bees & Trees program to date. Together we planted over 448 trees and 47 pollinator gardens in our community since the program started!  

Visit for program details and specifics including:
•    This program applies to Collingwood residents.
•    The purchased trees/pollinator gardens are encouraged to be native to the Collingwood area.
•    Two trees per property can be eligible for the program.
•    Purchasers will need to provide a receipt dated prior to July 4, 2023, for Spring planting.
•    Trees and pollinator gardens must be planted in space owned by the purchaser within the Town of Collingwood, and not on Town lands.
•    Purchaser is required to take a picture of planted tree/planted garden and submit with application for rebate.
•    An online application is available to submit the rebate application, with required documents, to receive a rebate. 

Looking to donate to Collingwood’s Tree Canopy Program?

Join Julie DiLorenzo as a contributor to the benefits provided by trees including carbon capture, support for stormwater management, shade, habitats, food, improved soil conditions, and many more. Email and let us know you would like to donate.

About the Town’s Urban Forest Management Program

The urban forest management plan was adopted by council in 2019 which presents a road map to enhance our urban forest operations as well as policy, planning and development. The plan speaks to the importance the urban forest has on health, the natural environment and climate change. Current tree canopy cover in the Town is estimated at 31.7% (2019) and being able to provide funds to residents for tree planting on private land will be a key contributor to retaining the Town’s 30% canopy cover goal.

About Bee City Canada

Bee City Canada recognizes the commitment to develop, restore and preserve pollinator-friendly habitats across Canada.

Collingwood became a Bee City on February 18, 2021. One of the many benefits to becoming part of the Bee City community is to improve its municipal environment and the physical and mental health of the residents by connecting people with nature and encouraging healthy, clean food consumption. Healthy citizens equal healthy, productive cities.  Pollinator habitat creates beauty. Selecting pollinator friendly plants including native trees, shrubs, vines, forbs and grasses, along with herbs and vegetables, provides food for wildlife and humans too.

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