Transit with Ease – Collingwood Public Transit Piloting Move to On-demand Service with Phased Approach Starting June 10

The Town of Collingwood is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of On-Demand Transit affecting weekend service, will launch June 10, 2023, starting the phased approach to a fully On-Demand Transit (ODT) system.

The ODT service differs from conventional transit in that there is no fixed route or schedule, and buses are dispatched on a request-basis. This means more flexibility for our customers as they can book a ride when it’s most convenient for them. By requesting and booking your rides in advance, the system knows where to go to efficiently meet the demand at each moment in time.

Collingwood’s pilot project includes three phases:
•    Phase 1: Weekends 
•    Phase 2: Weekday evenings & weekends (*initiated upon a 3-month review of phase 1)
•    Phase 3: Fully on-demand

The first phase of ODT will only apply to existing routes (Colltrans East, West, and Crosstown) and transit stops. The Blue Mountain Link (B-Link) route is not part of the pilot. 

Riders will be able to start reserving trips for the weekend of June 10th starting June 5th, 2023, by downloading the Blaise Transit mobile app or calling 705-446-1196. A direct link to book will also be available on the Public Transit page of the Town website closer to launch date. Regular transit fares still apply; however, it is free to download and book rides with the app or by calling to book. 

Customers can book a trip up to seven days in advance, or a minimum of 30 minutes before their departure time if booking for a same-day ride. Once booked, the bus will pick up and drop off at the existing stop locations throughout town.

What are the benefits of on-demand transit?

Flexibility – Leave your car at home! On-demand transit conveniently works around your schedule and needs.

Accessibility – All transit buses are fully accessible, and can accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, and mobility devices.

Reliability – Set the route and schedule that works for you, without being locked into fixed schedules.

Reduced Environmental Impact – We’re keeping our air cleaner by implementing a transit model that maximizes efficiency by minimizing unnecessary or redundant transit routes.

Further information including frequently asked questions, is available on the Transit page of the Town’s website:

Book ahead to save time. Transit with ease!

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