On-Demand Transit Update

Update to the On-Demand Transit Launch provided by Director, Public Works, Engineering and Environmental Services, Peggy Slama at the Committee of the Whole Meeting held Monday, June 5th, 2023:

Based on our observation of enrollment in the On-Demand Transit system, and listening to what we are hearing from our regular users, the Town is going to pivot the phased in implementation of the On-Demand system slightly.  

What is great about implementing the On-Demand service is that we can be flexible and adapt to the needs of our users without constraining our services. Being adaptive to the rider base shows our commitment to ensuring continuity of service during the start of On-Demand transit.
Starting this weekend (June 10th and 11th), for all Saturdays and Sundays, two buses will be operated to provide the conventional transit routes along with one bus that will be operating to provide the On-Demand service. This will allow users to access a conventional bus at the bus stop and times they are used to and provide an opportunity for users to try the On-Demand system for one trip of their route and ideally, reduce the full trip time.

We will operate this hybrid method in the interim and evaluate when full implementation is best suitable for the community.

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