Temporary Traffic Calming Policy Instituted by Town

The Town of Collingwood has instituted a Traffic Calming Policy to provide a systematic procedure for initiating, investigating, and implementing traffic calming measures on roads within the Town of Collingwood.

This policy and associated procedures ensure that there is a formal process by which all traffic calming requests can be evaluated against the same screening and criteria – thus ensuring a consistent approach throughout the Town.

What is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming is the implementation of primarily physical measures that are intended to:

  • Reduce the negative impacts of motor vehicle use;
  • Alter driver behaviour; and
  • Improve conditions for non-motorized street users.
When are the temporary Traffic Calming measures being installed?

The public works department is installing the temporary Traffic Calming measures starting the week of June 5, 2023. They will need to be removed before November in advance of snow-clearing operations.

  • Temporary Speed Cushions cannot be installed immediately following the last snowfall, as municipal staff need to sweep clear all the roads of sand and salt before the Traffic Calming measures are installed. This typically happens by mid-May to early June, depending on weather conditions.
  • Temporary Speed Cushions need to be removed during the winter so they are not damaged by municipal snow plows. 
When can we expect permanent Traffic Calming measures to be installed?

Temporary Traffic calming measures are currently implemented in Community Safety Zones around the Town. Permanent measures will start to be slowly implemented as part of Capital road improvement projects over the next several years. In 2023, expect to see permanent installations near:

  • Spruce Street & Third Street (Mountainview Public School)
  • Dey Drive (Admiral Public School)
  • Public engagement on the longer-term plans regarding Findlay Drive (St. Mary’s Catholic School, Notre-Dame-De-La-Huronie Elementary) 

How can I request Traffic Calming on my Street?

The following process will be used when requesting traffic calming measures within the Town of Collingwood. An established and formal process for investigating roads provides consistency and equality in the determination of the need and suitability of traffic calming measures.

flow chart outlining the process for requesting traffic calming
Traffic Calming Request/ Petition

Residents with speed-related concerns are instructed to submit their written requests to engineering@collingwood.ca. Staff will review the request and respond with directions, including a petition to be circulated by the resident.  The purpose of the petition is to establish whether there is sufficient neighbourhood/local support for traffic calming measures prior to the Town initiating an investigation into the need for such measures on the subject road.  The petition results must clearly demonstrate that a minimum of 51% of the dwelling units with direct frontage or flankage onto the candidate road or road section support the potential implementation of traffic calming measures. Each dwelling unit is represented by one signature, regardless of the number of people in the unit. 

Town Screening

Following an appropriate request for traffic calming consideration, Town staff will undertake a screening of the request and candidate road section considering road classification, traffic volumes, length, grade and actual travel speeds. 

Initial screening criteria to determine eligibility for consideration for traffic calming measures have been established.  With respect to the road or road section in question, it must: 

  • Be a local road assumed and maintained by the Town of Collingwood; 
  • Have a minimum annual average daily traffic (AADT) volume of 900 vehicles;
  • Have a minimum uncontrolled (i.e. no stop signs or traffic signals) length of 220 metres without being a dead-end road section or cul-de-sac;  
  • Have a grade that does not exceed 6%; and 
  • Not have been the subject of a previous speed study or traffic calming request within the past 5 years. 

If the subject road or road section does not satisfy the above criteria, it will not be considered an appropriate candidate for traffic calming. 

While the focus of traffic calming will be on local roads, Town staff may, at their discretion, review select collector roads for consideration provided that they also meet the above criteria and serve in excess of 2000 vehicles per day.

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