Affordable Housing Master Plan: Draft Strategic Direction Options Report 

The Town is pleased to share the next stage of work in the Town of Collingwood’s Affordable Housing Master Plan process.  N. Barry Lyon Consultants (NBLC) has released their Draft Strategic Options Report for public comment.

This report follows several months of considerable effort, building from the Affordable Housing Task Force’s 2021 recommendations, developing a comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment, conducting community and stakeholder engagement, and accessing research, expertise and best practices in housing. The result is an extensive list of supportable high-level strategic options and draft recommendations which will be further refined through continued consultation.

The final report coming this fall will drill down on the recommendations with a greater level of detail around costs and prioritization. We expect that some recommendations will be considered for inclusion in the 2024 budget cycle for immediate action and staff will bring a multi-year action plan to Council for review in early 2024.    

Despite there being many ideas on how to approach the affordable housing crisis, there is no one magic bullet to solve it and no one entity or government can do it alone. The final Affordable Housing Master Plan will provide the Town of Collingwood with a focused, costed and prioritized list of actions that are within the municipality’s scope and expertise, for the most gains on the ground.

2023 Project Timeline:

Get Involved:

The Draft Strategic Options Report is now available at

We hope you will take some time to review this report and share your feedback to help inform the next phase of work, specifically, which recommendations would you support for Town action, is there anything missing, and are there options that you cannot support? Here’s how to share your feedback:

Join our public consultation session on Tuesday, August 15th at 5:00 p.m. in person at the Collingwood Public Library (Community Rooms B&C) or online via Zoom. If you have already registered, thank you. If not there’s still time: Register 

NBLC will be present to answer your questions and receive your feedback. (The session will be recorded and posted online for those who cannot attend.) 

Provide written comments on the strategic options via email to Comments will not be replied to individually, but all comments will be collected and submitted to NBLC for consideration as they prepare.

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