2024 Budget Update

Draft # 1 of the 2024 Budget was presented to Committee of the Whole on October 16, 2023. Following Council’s direction of a 2% guideline, Staff worked hard to meet this guideline, given ongoing inflation in both the operational and capital programs as well as the pressure of ensuring that the Town continues to provide the programs and services at a level that is expected from our residents and businesses. In addition, staff reviewed all service enhancement requests that would be above the base budget and ranked a list of priorities for Council to consider. The 2% base budget includes inflationary items, extremely urgent items, and other items that are difficult to avoid.   

The Budget book looks a little different this year as the Town is moving towards a service-based budget. The approach allows us to clearly show the work that staff does and what the Town, through Council direction, is trying to carry out. There are many benefits to this approach including:  

  • Having a clear understanding of what the current resources (human and financial) are delivering and to what level of service; 
  • Setting out and defining who can make what decisions; 
  • Allocating the resources effectively; 
  • Creating a framework to enable the creation and improvement of performance measures; 
  • Identifying best practices and efficiencies; 
  • Ensuring that there isn’t a duplication of efforts and that the efforts are being conducted by the appropriate resources; and 
  • Being the framework for risk management analysis. 

The Committee of the Whole endorsed staff bringing back Draft # 2 on November 6, 2023, for consideration by Council and the public. The updated draft will be presented with the base budget at 2% as presented, plus the following items that would affect the tax rate: 

  • Affordable Housing ($224K);
  • Excess fill removal from Public Works Yard – staged over 2024 and 2025 ($150K in 2024 and $150K in 2025 – to meet O.Reg 406/19);
  • New Website and Public Engagement Portal to meet AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) requirements and improve customer service and functionality ($130K);
  • Accessibility Coordinator contract to help meet AODA requirements ($95K); 
  • Climate Change Specialist contract to full time ($16.5K);
  • Customer service software ($10.5K); and
  • System Coordinator bump up to IT Systems Administrator ($9.1K).

Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the upcoming Coffee with Council event for residents to chat with Members of Council and Staff on the proposed budget.

Visit the Budget page on Engage Collingwood to review the Budget Timeline and submit feedback.

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