The Results Are In! Terminals Point to Replace Former Project Name, ‘collingwood Grain Terminals Revitalization Project’

The Public has spoken! With over 1500 survey responses the new project name, ‘Terminals Point’, will replace the lengthy former name, “The Collingwood Grain Terminals Revitalization Project.”

The project is getting a new name to highlight that this is not just the revitalization of the Grain Terminals but the reimagination and invigoration of the Spit as a whole, introducing new and exciting public spaces while enhancing the existing amenities. This rebranding also highlights the partnership between the Town and Streetcar & Dream, while respecting community values. 

Terminals Point seamlessly aligns with the well-established nomenclature of Lighthouse Point and Sunset Point Beach along Collingwood’s shoreline. This name fuses historical importance, the iconic Terminals building, and the stunning scenery of Georgian Bay. It encapsulates the essence of Collingwood, offering a window into its history while embracing a promising future. By designating this area as a Point, where land and water converge, it becomes a community and cultural focal point, and a destination that beckons all to explore and enjoy the unique blend of heritage, innovation, and natural beauty that Collingwood proudly offers.

One of Council and Staff’s paramount goals is to foster active community engagement throughout every phase of this extensive journey.

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