National Housing Day – Affordable Housing Master Plan Update

Today (November 22) is National Housing Day and what better day to share the exciting news that the Town of Collingwood’s Affordable Housing Master Plan (AHMP) was accepted by Council on November 5, 2023 to guide the Town’s housing program to achieve maximum impacts within the approved budget. With Council’s support, staff will shift from planning to implementation, with the AHMP guiding our work in affordable housing over the next several years. 

The Town would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed to this milestone, including the expert consulting team at N. Barry Lyon Consultants, the dedicated Affordable Housing Task Force, and the many stakeholders and community members who gave generously of their time and energy to discuss this important issue.  

Affordable housing is a complex problem where a multitude of actions are possible. Having a balanced, clear, prioritized and costed strategy ensures that resources can be used effectively on key outcomes rather than spreading efforts across many initiatives, making limited gains in any one area. The AHMP will be our guiding light, encompassing policy, process, regulatory changes, financial approaches, and advocacy initiatives crucial for realizing impactful affordable housing solutions within our community. The cumulation of these efforts will result in what we are all looking for – shovels in the ground and more affordable housing options that are critical to sustaining and supporting our community. 

Staff are currently acting on time-sensitive recommendations and will return to Council early in the new year with a detailed and prioritized work plan for 2024 and beyond.  

Complex problems are inherently messy and affordable housing is anything but simple. The housing crisis involves financial, economic, social, and cultural systems that interplay and connect in ways that are challenging to understand and at play out at a variety of scales, locally and globally. The AHMP gives us our best path forward through the noise and chaos, giving us balanced, clear, prioritized actions to take as a municipality, as well as a call to action for other stakeholders in our community. 

With an issue this complicated, we know that the road to solutions will not always be smooth, but the AHMP is set up to help us evaluate our efforts over time by measuring results and feeding them back into this evolving document. We will start, course correct where needed, and work our way toward the end goal. We hope you stay engaged and continue to collaborate with us throughout this journey.  

As staff develop the workplan to implement the AHMP, there will be future opportunities for stakeholder and community engagement. More information will come in the new year, so please subscribe to our development community newsletter to make sure you don’t miss future updates. 

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