Free Online Tool Helps Property Owners See Housing Potential In Their Backyards


The Town of Collingwood is excited to introduce ADUSearch – the latest addition to our first-in-Ontario Rapid Accessory Dwelling Unit Deployment Program. This innovative online tool will help property owners imagine the possibilities for adding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to their properties. 

Property owners can now visit, select Collingwood as their municipality, search their property and, with a click of a button, find out if it meets the minimum zoning bylaw requirements for an attached or detached ADU. ADUSearch is a fantastic tool for a general understanding of requirements, but the Town encourages property owners to email to confirm zoning details. The platform also provides other valuable information such as the buildable area of the lot and other relevant details, in its user-friendly sidebar. Discover the potential in your own backyard! 

The tool reveals that a remarkable 70% of Collingwood’s residential lots, totalling over 6,300 properties, may be suitable for detached ADU development within the existing municipal zoning bylaws. 

“ADUs are a key part of a multi-pronged approach to increasing our Town’s affordable rental supply,” says Collingwood Mayor Yvonne Hamlin. “We’re proud to work with the ADUSearch team to help inform our community members of the potential for ADUs right in their own backyards.” 

ADUSearch is the latest addition to the Town’s Rapid ADU Deployment Program. The program, which is quickly gaining attention for its innovation, uses a neighbours-helping-neighbours approach to address the affordable housing crisis by creating more year-round rentals in our community. The Rapid ADU Deployment Program includes a one-window service for a streamlined process, pre-approved detached ADU designs to save time and effort, and financial grants to help property owners with ADU start-up costs. The Rapid ADU Deployment Program has had early success, with 20 ADU building permits issued so far in 2023, an increase from the 8 ADU permits issued in 2022. 

“We are thrilled to launch ADUSearch in Collingwood and feel the tool is incredibly important for municipalities, property owners, builders, and policymakers at all levels to deal with our current housing crisis.” Sarah Cipkar, Founder and CEO of Resimate, the company responsible for developing and maintaining ADUSearch. 

To learn more about the Rapid ADU Deployment Program, including a link to the ADUSearch tool, visit the Rapid ADU page of our website.  

About ADUSearch & Resimate 

As Canada continues to face a housing supply crisis, the construction of detached ADUs is one way to increase the number of housing units within low-rise residential neighbourhoods. Without a national mechanism to track and analyze the potential for these units, little was known about the quantity of ADUs (existing and potential) or their financial and market value feasibility. With $2.2 million in funding from the Government of Canada and Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation’s Housing Supply Challenge in 2022, ADUSearch was originally developed to provide property owners and policymakers the ability to compare the information gathered alongside financial indicators to make development and policy decisions within their local communities. The ADUSearch team continues to further their work with an evolution of the project:

The information contained on ADUSearch is for informational use only and property owners are encouraged to reach out to the Town of Collingwood for more details on their specific properties for more information. 

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