A Reminder of Collingwood Community Support & Services

The Town of Collingwood acknowledges that access to housing can be a challenge in our community. Care and attention for the health and well-being of unhoused individuals is particularly concerning during the cold winter months. We appreciate the incredible work of organizations that support individuals and families experiencing homelessness. A collaborative system delivers services year-round and will continue throughout the coming months.  

Finding help and navigating services can begin by calling or texting 2-1-1. Service navigators are available 24/7 to connect people to the help they need, including accessing shelter services. 

Busby South Georgian Bay 

Busby Centre South Georgian Bay formerly known as Out of the Cold Collingwood plays a fundamental role in supporting people experiencing homelessness in the region by operating a 24/7 emergency shelter and outreach services in our community. 

Home Horizon  

Home Horizon works with youth, providing transitional housing and support programs. Outreach workers connect youth with emergency shelter and the support services that they need. Barbara Weider House in Collingwood provides a safe, transitional home for youth aged 16-24, delivering programs and services for individuals in crisis. 

My Friend’s House 

My Friend’s House provides an emergency shelter program for women and children experiencing abuse. In addition, they work to ensure women have access to information, resources, and the support they need. My Friend’s House also offers a 24-hour support line (705-444-2511), wellness programs, public awareness campaigns, counselling, legal support, and outreach services. 

Mental Health Response Unit 

This collaboration between the Collingwood/Blue Mountain OPP and Collingwood General and Marine Hospital pairs a constable with a crisis worker. The Mental Health Response Unit team attends mental health calls and supports outreach work that connects individuals and families to resources and services.  

Housing Resource Centre – Empower Simcoe 

Empower Simcoe provides services for people in the community at risk of homelessness or experiencing homelessness, by delivering resources to help people secure or maintain housing, apply for assistance programs, connect with community services, and mediate landlord/tenant disputes. Case managers support the Housing First program which assists people experiencing chronic homelessness and transitions them to permanent housing with support.  

County of Simcoe 

As the overarching system manager, the County of Simcoe leads homelessness support programs and services across the region, funding community-based organizations through service agreements. 

The demand for services is continuously growing and while organizations work tirelessly to maximize the budgets they are allocated, community support helps fill gaps and stretch services to meet a growing need. If you are able, please consider making a donation or volunteering your time and experience. 

With care and compassion, organizations will continue to work tirelessly to support those looking for assistance, delivering community outreach programs, and working to ensure a bed is available and there is a place to seek warmth or access services. For a detailed list of resources, visit the health and community services page of the Town’s website.

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