Collingwood Seeks Public Input on the Development Of a Transportation Master Plan

The Town of Collingwood is inviting the community to provide input in the development of a Transportation Master Plan (TMP), to enhance our existing transportation network and provide guidance for transportation planning for many years to come. 

Collingwood is experiencing significant growth and is anticipated to reach a population of 42,700 by 2051. The Town is initiating the TMP to prepare for this potential growth. 

“More and more residents are taking to the trails to walk or bike to work and school, and this to me is a sign of positive change for the health of residents and the environment. At the same time, with more vehicle traffic, we are looking to manage mobility on trails and streets throughout the municipality. With the expected population growth in Collingwood, I’m happy to see this project underway so Council can hear what residents would like to see developed for approaches to move around the community in efficient and safe ways.”

Mayor Yvonne Hamlin

The TMP will provide the long-range planning necessary to identify needs, establish priorities between vehicles, active transportation (e.g., cycling, trails) and transit, and provide a planning framework for future infrastructure improvements and network development. It will also provide strategies for addressing localized problem areas or desired enhancements within the larger transportation network, as well as crafting policies both for effective management of the network as a whole and for evaluating ongoing requests for traffic calming and controls.

Public consultation is a key component in the development of the (TMP) to help the Town gain an understanding of the needs and concerns of the public and stakeholders. Input provided through the engagement process will guide the direction of the Plan and help in the selection of preferred alternative solutions.

The TMP will encompass all modes of transportation including movement on area municipal, County and Provincial roads, active transportation and connectivity with trails and sidewalks and transit. The TMP will be linked and guided by the Town’ Strategic Plan and its Official Plan update.

This is the first time the Town will be looking at various modes of transportation beyond vehicles and it is important to hear community members’ perspectives on how mobility throughout the Town can be improved and prioritized.  

Please visit the project page at to view project information, take the survey and subscribe to be notified of upcoming Public Information Centres and other project updates. 

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