Bid Opportunities: January 22-28, 2024

Effective planning, monitoring, and control of public sector procurement are essential for maintaining public trust and confidence. The Town of Collingwood is committed to ensuring its procurement decisions are fair, open, and transparent. The Town of Collingwood makes purchases that reflect the best value for the taxpayer, protects the Corporation’s financial interests, and encourages competitive bidding.

Current Bid Opportunities:

  • FIN2024-001Q Raymond A. Barker (RAB) Water Treatment Plant 2024 Raw Water Intake Pipe and Structure Inspection, Cleaning and Repairs, closing February 27
  • FIN2024-017Q Installation of Municipal Services to 26 Saint Clair Street, closing February 5

Details regarding the Town of Collingwood’s competitive bid opportunities can be found on the Biddingo site at

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