Reminder to Clear Snow & Ice from Vents & Natural Gas Meters

Snow and ice buildup can lead to dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide in homes!

The Collingwood Fire Department reminds all residents to clear the snow and ice from vents and natural gas meters.

“A blocked furnace or water heater exhaust vent prevents exhaust from escaping your house, and can lead to a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide inside your home. With the snowfall and cold weather, we are asking all residents to check every few days to ensure their vents and natural gas meters are clear of snow and ice.”

Fire Chief Dan Thurman

Chief Thurman also reminds residents that all homes with gas-fired appliances, fireplaces, or attached garages are now required by law to have CO detectors installed adjacent to each sleeping area. Residents should ensure that their CO detectors have fresh batteries, which should be changed twice a year along with smoke alarm batteries. Smoke alarms and CO detectors have an expiry date and should be replaced after 10 years.

Residents are encouraged to check the vents and natural gas meters of neighbours who may be unable to clear the snowy buildup.

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