Proclamation: Dig Safe Month 2024

WHEREAS, During the month of April, homeowners are reminded to “Call or Click Before you Dig” so that buried cables, pipes and wires can be safely located, before any digging takes place; and

WHEREAS, Residents can help ensure construction and landscape projects are completed safely by following safe digging practices, and preventing damage to underground infrastructure. Using the dig safe checklist, calling before you dig, and waiting for locates that identify the position of any underground utility lines before beginning outdoor digging, are all ways to keep everyone safe while protecting essential services; and

WHEREAS, The Town of Collingwood provides programs and services to meet the public health and safety needs of the city, community and families. Prevention, education and communication are vital to creating healthy and safe communities, workplaces, schools and homes.         

NOW THEREFORE, I, Yvonne Hamlin, Mayor of the Town of Collingwood,

DO HEREBY PROCLAIM April 2024 as “Dig Safe Month” in the Town of Collingwood. 

Dated this 2nd day of April 2024.  

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